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The examples below are a sample of the more than sixteen structural models from which you can choose. Our designers will adapt your selection to suit particular needs of style, dimension, square footage, and terrain. There is no limit to the options available.

THE GRAND PAVILION This one-story Pavilion includes three bedrooms and a den along with two full baths. The kitchen is the hub of activity in the center of the home. Interior living space is 2,145 with more than 1,300 square feet of veranda completely surrounding the structure. Perfect for a primary residence or your island getaway, the Grand Pavilion has striking truss work in the center top of the roof.

KYOTO  FARMHOUSE The Kyoto Farmhouse has a large living area with three bedrooms and two baths. The total living rea of 3,257 square feet consists of 2,174 square feet on the interior and 1,083 feet in verandas and balconies. With plenty of storage space, the master bedroom is in the  loft and overlooks the vaulted living area and the kitchen

eaglesimgEAGLES NEST Perfect for coastal areas, the Eagle's Nest features two stories with the living area and study on the upper level. Boasting three bedrooms and one and a half baths, this design has two levels of cantilevered verandas and a large master bedroom downstairs that is 12 feet by 15 feet. You can build this one on tall poles and see for miles in all directions. Total interior space is 1,680 square feet with almost 900 square feet of verandas.

MASHIKO GUESTHOUSE The Mashiko Guesthouse shows how beautifully the small house can seem large and function efficiently with open space. The design divides the interior space of just under 600 square feet almost equally between the living area and the bedroom. The kitchen, bath, and small study complete the floor plan. Perfect for one person or a weekend retreat.

Voice 949-945-6219 | P. O. Box 1151, Franklin TN 37065

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